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Welcome to the wilderness where adventures begin and roadmaps end. Welcome to Kamchatka. What is so special about the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia? It is the one of most eastern parts of the country, but in geological terms, it is where different parts of the earth literally come together. Kamchatka is home to over 30 active volcanoes . It’s no wonder these majestic giants contribute to the region’s six UNESCO World Heritage sites. Equally as stunning are the 90 geysers and numerous hot springs that make up the 6km Geyser Valley. The second largest concentration of geysers on earth, only accessible by chopper, this natural gem remains a virtually untouched region of raw geothermal power. The Kamchatka Peninsula is the ultimate destination for travelers seeking a once in a lifetime adventure. It is a place of breathtaking beauty and unique wildlife, mixing striking scenery of mountains, tundra, forests and rugged coastline.


Kamchatka fishing

Kamchatka is a pure heaven for fly fishermen around the world. Fishing in Kamchatka is something very special, it contains probably the world’s greatest diversity of salmonid fish. Most of the rivers host huge runs of anadromous fishes such as all five species of pacific salmon, char, dolly varden, steelhead and white-spotted char (an eastern Pacific species of char found only in Kamchatka). Depending on what river and what time of the season you wish to visit Kamchatka, these species can all be found in the rivers of Kamchatka. Most attractive fishing in Kamchatka is fishing for big rainbow trout and white-spotted char (Kundja). Rainbow trout grow very big and aggressive. You can fish for rainbows on the surface or under. Kamchatka fishing for rainbow trout is class!

Icha river

Icha river in Kamchatka is a perfect fly-fishing river. Making its way through the range of mountains and volcanoes this river is really a wilderness retreat, once you have been here you will  always want to come back. The river bed is of a firm gravel and freestones, making wading easy at most parts. Fishing here is pure heaven, catching fresh fish while standing in the river surrounded by breathtaking nature is what you need.


Our Icha river fishing camp in Kamchatka has been built just recently in 2013 and located right on the river bank. Facilities such as : well-equipped kitchen, fine dining room, independent power supply, drying store, separate bathrooms, outside terrace for refreshing drinks and chilling, iron wood-stoves in a comfortable 2-bed or 3-bed cottage accommodation. Every morning, the native Russian staff supplies the iron stoves with firewood, before you get up  and prepares the daily fresh meals of substantial Russian cuisine at our stylish dining room. Motor boats and guides will guide and help you with day-to-day activities.

Russia - Kamchatka
Kamchatka region
Distance from the airport
310 km / 5 hours by car with 1 overnight on the way or 1.5 hour by helicopter
Google maps:
Icha river, Kamchatka fishing
Further details
From 15 June to 15 October
Prime time
20 July - 15 September
18 rods a week
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What included:
Transfer from the airport and back
Food and beverage
6 fishing days
Fishing licences
Visa support
Not included:
International flights
Health insurance
Helicopter transfer
*Available at an extra cost
We are happy to organise a custom made trip for you.  
Just let us know your preferences and wishes and we will do our best to create a special fishing trip that is best for you!

Icha river camp

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