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Khabarovsk Region

Khabarovsk region occupies a long swathe of Russia’s Pacific coastline. In the north, taiga and tundra prevail, deciduous forests in the south, and swampy forests in the central area. Khabarovsk region has an unbelievable water systems, more than 50 thousands lakes, rivers and streams located throughout the region. Several mountain ranges intersect the area, the highest point is Mount Bery. In fact, three quarters of the area is occupied by mountains and plateaus. Its one of the most interesting destination for fishermen from all over the world. This territory is heaven for Taimen fishing.


Taimen fishing

Taimen is without a doubt one of the most desired fish to catch. Every taimen you encounter whether you miss it or land it  will create a lasting memory. Khabarovsk region is one of the best places on earth to fish for Taimen and  make your dreams come true. They are the largest members of the salmonid family. Taimen can live for nearly fifty years and reach sixty inches (1.5 meter) in length. They are also ferocious predators.  Their main diet is fish and particulary Chum salmon that run into the rivers in late July, they do take well-presented streamers as well. That’s great fun, but the amazing thing is that Taimen also feeds on the surface. It will aggressively destroy your surface mouse patterns and so on.


Tugur river  is considered as the best river on the planet for fishing giant Taimen. River flows through the Tuguro-Chumikanskiy region of Khabarovskyi Krai (territory) and into the Sea of Okhotsk. The Tugursky Nature Reserve habitat for over 20 species of fish including chum and pink salmon and of course Siberian Taimen. Fishing for Taimen in Russia is becoming very popular. Tugur river unlike many others is only accessible via helicopter so the whole system is free from locals that mostly kill fish. It has been well protected and looked after. Abundance of food allows Taimen to grow to incredible sizes over here, its not uncommon to land Taimens over 40kg. Anglers need to keep in mind that those giant fish are not so many and bites are not often and depending on the conditions of the river you will most probably have to work hard to get those bites. But the feeling afterwards will stay with you for the rest of your life. Fishing is strictly catch-and-release. In Autumn 2019 our guests landed some record Taimens over 40kg and few fish close to 50. Fly fishing for Taimen is something special!

Fishing organisation

Every morning after the breakfast, our guests along with the guides (two fishermen per one guide in the boat) advance on five and a half meter long inflatable boats with 40hp water-jet engines up or down the river from the camp. Possessing high speed and excellent cross-country ability on mountain rivers, these boats allow fishing the area of more than 50 km long. Regarding fishing upstream, we go up to 25 km up, then we start slowly going down and fish from the boats, stopping in the best promising places and fish from the bank. Regarding  fishing downstream - we start fishing directly down from the camp, stopping in promising places, fishing from the bank and in the evening we return to the camp.

During standard 6 full fishing days, our guests will have a chance to visit most parts of the 50km private area. Our head guide will do a daily rotation fishing plan on daily basis.

The camp

Tugur river camp consists of large tent-kitchen "Maveriсk COSMOS 500" with a height of more than 2.5 meters, equipped with a mosquito net. This is our dining room. Big and comfortable tents Maverick ROVER or Eureka K2 XT are available for guests inside with folding beds. One such a tent per two guests. Guides set up the tents. In the cold season we use tents with stove heating. Power supply from a portable low-noise inverter four-stroke generator. In the evening and in the morning (possibly except for the first day) a hot shower in a separate tent. One day a week a proper Russian sauna is arranged. Each guest is given a 150l waterproof bag, inflatable sleeping matrass and a sleeping bag.

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Distance from Khabarovsk airport
Google maps:
Khabarovsk region
650 km by car and 1.2 hour by helicopter
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Further details
From June to October
Prime time
15 June - 15 July and September- October
6-7 rods
Fishing method
Fly fishing/spin fishing . C&R only
From 4,200 Euro
Price depends on the specifications of the trip:
  • amount of rods
  • prime time
  • transportation
  • other addons

                Tugur camp

Helicopter transfer
What included:
Transfer from the airport and back
Food and beverage
6 fishing days
Fishing licences
Visa support
Not included:
Cost of tickets to the meeting point (airplane tickets)
We are happy to organise a custom made trip for you.  
Just let us know your preferences and wishes and we will do our best to create a special fishing tour that suits you best!
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