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Kola Peninsula

Kola Peninsula is the last remaining Atlantic Salmon fishing wilderness to be discovered. There were numerous pitfalls for the early pioneers who explored the region however the rewards that waited emboldened the organizers and inspired the followers. When it comes to outstanding fly-fishing rivers for Atlantic Salmon Russia’s Kola Peninsula stands head and shoulders above the rest of the world as the ultimate destination for truly outstanding Salmon Fishing. Trip to the Kola Peninsula is not just a Salmon fishermen paradise but at the same time an absolute wilderness retreat. The average salmon from a typical Kola river may not be as big and heavy, like those salmon running up the mighty Norwegian rivers, but they are plentiful and they are offering great sport. Besides these healthy runs of Atlantic Salmon from the beginning of fishing season in late May, there are beautiful Sea Trout, too, and the big Brown Trout and lovely Arctic Grayling, which are inhabiting these rivers permanently and adding a lot of beauty and joy to the fly-fishing.


Kola river

Legendary Kola river offers a great experience to fish for a giant Atlantic salmon. One of the big rivers on the Kola Peninsula, featuring wide deep pools, rapids, boulders and islands. Classic salmon river. Kola got its reputation for big fish. The river is relatively close to the Murmansk airport which makes it easy to get here, from the other side the fishing pressure can be high enough. Fishing on Kola river is organized on 30km stretch, which is called ''Kola part 3''. Fishing here is done strictly by licences which easies pressure from the locals. You must realize that to catch a big Kola salmon is not that easy as it sounds or advertised, you will need a full support of a knowledgeable guide and Atlantic salmon fly fishing experience. But it definitely worth a try!

Kitsa river

Kitsa River is the largest tributary of the Kola River, both rivers join together 35 kilometers from the sea.

The total length of the licensed part is about 30 km, starting from the junction with Kola and all the way upstream. The entire fishing area can be conditionally divided into 2 parts. The nature and size of the Kitsa River makes it possible to organize fishing by foot. The camp is located on one of the best beats in the area, Home pool. From here you can fish on both sides of the river upstream and downstream. Guides with boats will take clients to the other side of the river as well. Kitsa also as Kola fishes perfectly from both banks. This area has great prospects and potential and it is more convenient for fishing in high water than most of the pools on the Kola River. There are plenty places where salmon stop for a long time, this is an area where fish await spawning. 10 km of a good and comfortable double bank fishing. Kitsa is fomous for its trophy fish up to 40lbs.

Accommodation - Deer camp

Located on the bank of the Kola river, its with no doubt one of the best camps on entire Kola Peninsula.

Deer camp features top-notch double bedroom houses allocated to accommodate our guests. The level of comfort and service can be judged at least by the photographs. The camp is equipped with literally everything you need and ideal for day to day relaxation after long fishing hours. Sauna, huge dining and living rooms, outside terraces and much more. The maximum capacity of the camp is 16 anglers.

Russia - Kola Peninsula
Murmansk region
Distance from Murmansk airport
30km/25 min by car
Google maps:
Kola river, Kola murmansk region, giant salmon fishing
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Further details
From 1 June to 15 August
Prime time
1 June - 30 June
12 rods for Kitsa Glamping and 16 for Deer camp
What included:
Transfer from/to the airport
Food and beverage
6 fishing days
Fishing licences
Visa support
Not included:
International flights
Health insurance
We are happy to organise a custom made trip for you.  
Just let us know your preferences and wishes and we will do our best to create a special fishing trip that is best for you!

Deer camp

Deer camp Kola
Deer camp Kola
Deer camp Kola
Deer camp Kola


All you need to know about trip to Kola/Kitsa

Kola river salmon
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