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The main issue for salmon fishing in Russia. Where to sleep, what to eat?

Fishermen who plan to arrive to Kola peninsula for the first time, usually ask questions on where to live, what to eat. I understand their fears. Russia is a far and terrible country. On the other hand advantage of many expensive camps in the Russian north is the arranged life. Presence of good kitchen and white napkins is discussed at forums and video films more often, than fishing.

Distinctive feature of our programs of salmon fishing in Russia is presence of discovery elements . We use our own mobile programs and fishers are not clamped by narrow frameworks of the schedule. I am not the supporter of a strict daily routine according to whom we move in a narrow circle between a lunch hall and the site appointed for today for catching.

Once I witnessed strange ( for me) situation. In one of camps the lonely fisher was carried in a boat under the established schedule. A breakfast, a dinner, a supper in due time. River sites according to the schedule. Any company, any changes in the schedule, any personal wishes. On the end of week – he was waited by helicopter and good-bye. The standard program, standard service. I hope that he has learnt and has seen something new about Russian north from a helicopter window.

Nevertheless, I absolutely agree that the good kitchen and a sauna is necessary for a high-grade relaxation. Moreover, original menus can be an ornament of fishing rest. Daily sausages or fritters for a week can spoil mood to any fisher. Unfortunately, such standard menus not a rarity in the big and very known camps.

To me happens very pleasantly when someone from our visitors undertakes preparation of the favorite dish. This not only unexpected and tasty addition to a dinner, but also joyful event for all command. Therefore we try to avoid monotonous programs which quickly tyre fishers and especially organizers. Somewhat occurrence of the mixed programs is called by desire as much as possible to diversify week. The guest house on Chavanga and camp on the river Strelna are comfortable enough for residing. Here there are no excesses, the life is arranged simply enough, but with advantage. A special ornament is bath presence. Many fishers from Europe meet for the first time such phenomenon. To them it is more familiar and the usual shower, as on Strelna is habitual. But it is necessary to show a few boldness and to appreciate a charm of sauna - baths. This year on Chavanga the shower will be equipped especially for most doubting and shy people. So our visitors can choose that it is pleasant to them.

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