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Giant Hucho taimen tour

Common information

Fish population is an mixture of Siberian, Amur and the Pacific fish. Taimen, siberian trouts - lenoks and two species of pikes - Lena, Amur pike, Hadar and Amur grayling are the most interesting for sport fishing. Pacific salmon - chum and pink salmon come, coho and sockeye salmon too. There is also a char-Malma.

Tugur - a special river, unique river , it is probably the best for biggest Hucho taimen all over the world. River is well protected, here you can catch a spinning and fly fishing. Each group catches record taimen weighing 40 kg. We can take on Tugur limited number of fishermen. This is a special expensive tour for the fishing for a record Hucho taimen. There are authentic data on capture here fishes in weight in 70 and even 95 kgs

Bichy is smaller in size and it is more convenient to catch taimen and salmon on fly fishing . Giant taimens are less common here , the normal maximum size of trout less than 30 kg but its possible to land a lot of 20-25 kg taimens. This is the most comfortable fly fishing taimen trip.


The best time for taimen fishing is June and early July, the second half of September, beginning of October.

Fishing organization

Rafting starts according water level and the wishes of fishermen. Tour duration is 9/6 days. The optimum period is seven days rafting and 6+ full days fishing. The length of the rafting route could be 80 or 120 km.

The alloy is carried out on four to six rafting boats "RAFTMASTER" under the management of experienced rangers at the rate of two or three anglers and one keeper on raft. Rafts equipped with a rigid frame with hinged oars, so our customers are taking up the oars only in passing difficult sections of the river. Rafts equipped with lifejackets. At the request of the group is accompanied with a motor boat for a mobile moving river. Equipment and things are going in a separate Raft.

The main fishing – during stops at the interesting sites of the river, but also on the alloy anglers do not lose time. The group swims from 10 to 12 km per day, with a break for lunch and stayed in a beautiful and easy-to fishing spots.

Basic quantity of rods – 6 rods.

We could organize max to 8 rods team trip.

We have near 6 hours of helicopter flights to and back.

One hour helicopter flight costs 120 000 (2013year) Rur = 3750 $.(included)

MI8 is a big one, no problem with luggage weight.

But you will have airplane luggage limit about 20 kg\rod (Moscow - Habarovsk

Short Tour description

1 day - Arrival in Khabarovsk. Meeting at the airport, loading the bus, shopping,

departure to Briakan village (680 km are gravel road 280)

2 day – arriving to the Village Briakan, flight by helicopter (duration 1:20),

landing on the river, camp, fishing

3-8 days - beginning of the alloy, fishing,

9 day - flight by helicopter (duration 1:30 ) to Briakan village,

bus transfer to the Habarovsk, hotel

10 day - back flight


Wake up at 7.00 am

Breakfast at 8:00 am

9.00 fishing

lunch from 13 to 15

stop for the night, a camp 18.30

Dinner 21.00


Tents (double and four persons tents, two rooms tents) 4-person tents for two people

Summer dining room, mats


Satellite phone

Solar Battery.



The head of the alloy.


Guide (one raft).

Meals 3 times a day.


3500 Euro/rod

The price includes:

-Meeting - off in Khabarovsk.

-Transfer Khabarovsk - Briakan - Khabarovsk.

-Helicopter flight Briakan – river Tugur or Bichy - Briakan.

-Rafts, life jackets and emptied of bivouac equipment (tents, mats, ets).

-Cook service

-Three hot meals a day.


The price does not include:

Flights to Khabarovsk.

Habarovsk hotel

Alcoholic beverages.


Clothing and equipment:

Waterproof bags for the transport and storage on an alloy.

Sleeping bag.

Waders (waders) with shoes on felt soles.

Membrane fabric jacket in case of rain.

Thermal underwear and a warm set of pants with a jacket of Polartec material or Windbloc.

The camera in a sealed box and nesminaemom.

Personal first aid kit, personal hygiene.

Mosquito net or spray

Polarized glasses.


You need vaccination (encephalitis).

Your destination is Habarovsk Airport

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