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Chavanga - Strelna fishing notes, best salmon fishing weeks in Autumn

We have some interesting weeks in Autumn specially for fresh salmon entering Strelna and Chavanga rivers. We usually receive many questions about water situation and fishing conditions at the end of September - beginning of October. Its all depends on many factors but i am able to outline these: September last week Water level - from low to middle (depends on the Autumn rains) Water clarity - high Water temperature - 8 to 6 degrees, slowly going down Flies - #6-8 size for attractors and #10 for passive fish Fishing pools - from estuary and upstream 10-12 km Salmon size - average fish from 3.5 to 5 kg, max 8-9 kg, lenght 65- up to 110 cm Average catch- 2-10 fsh/rod a day Total catch - up to 120 fish\6 rods\week Rods - #8 single or switch, 7\8\9 double hand rod floating line + set of leaders Fishing time - 08 a.m. till 19 p.m. First week of October Water level - middle after some rains, slowly going up Watre clarity - high, gin color water Water temperature - 6 to 4 degrees, slowly going down Flies- #6-8 size for atractors and size goes down for passive fish #10-12, but weight goes up Fishing pools - from estuary and up-stream 5-10 km Salmon size - from 3.5 to 5 kg, max 8-9 kg, lenght 65- up to 110 cm Average catch - 2-8 fsh/rod Total catch - up to 100 fish\6 rods\week Tackles - #8 single or switch, 8\9 double hand rod floating line + set of leaders, strong tippets when you fish not far from the estuary Fishing time - 09 a.m. till 18 p.m.

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