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Tugur river. Trophy Taimen paradise!

We have several weeks available for season 2019, give us a message for more info on this unbelievable trip!


River Tugur in Russia is formed by the confluence of the Assyni and Konin rivers flowing down from the Al and Yam-Alin ridges, the length of Tugur is 175 km, it flows into the Tugur Bay of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.Main attraction is Siberian taimen also two species of Lenok, Amur pike, Amur grayling, sig and large numbers of chum salmon coming into the river for spawning. Most part of the river is perfect for sport fishing. Government is making significant efforts to protect the river from poachers, which has a positive effect on the taimen population, which at this time is probably the best in the world. Protection of the river and abundance of food (chum) makes it possible for the taimen to grow to gigantic proportions; every season fish weighing more than 40 kg are caught here. Tugur river is in very remote location and hardly visited by men. This area is rich with animal life such as bears, red deer, elk, wolf and rare birds - white-tailed and Steller's sea eagles, osprey, golden eagle, and others.


Fishing trip to the river Tugur is mostly about catching a trophy Siberian taimen and fisherman mostly not interested in small Taimens or lenoks. Keeping that in mind we select appropriate fishing places, tackles and methods. Anglers must be prepared for the fact that there are not so many such trophy fish and their takes (bites) are not so frequent. On Tugur you most probably will not catch too many taimens, but you can hook a giant fish.


Fishing routine

In the morning after breakfast, the guests along with the guides (2 clients and 1 guide per boat) board professional inflatable boats with 40 jet engines and move up or downstream from the camp. Possessing high speed and excellent maneuverability along mountain rivers, these boats allow fishing in places more than 50 km from the base camp. If fishing done upstream - we go up to 25 km, then go down rafting and fishing from boats or stop at promising places and fishing from the bank. If the plan for a day is determined fishing downstream - we go rafting and fishing, stopping in promising places and in the evening return to the camp. Guides rotate clients daily so they can fish new places every day and see other parts of the river.

The advantage of boats with jet engines is that we have the opportunity to fish in numerous tributaries of the main river and float in places inaccessible for rafts.

Fly fishing tackles (Taimen)

Double hand rods 9-10 weight. Solid and reliable reel with good drag performance. Minimum 100m of backing. Short and heavy body lines (Skagit) with variety of tips for appropriate sink rate. For some deep pools and stretches of the river full sinking lines are required. Fluorocarbon tippets from 50 pounds and higher. Big flies from 10cm and bigger, if you can cast such a big flies you can go up to 20-25cm in size. Intruders, poppers, mouse patters, tube flies, big heavy streamers all work well. The best combination of colors is a mix of black, red and orange, some acid color work well in dirty water. Extra strong hooks of big sizes (5/0 and so on)

Fishing for Lenok is very similar when fishing for big brown trout. Streamers and surface flies and nymphs. Single hand rods 5-6 in weight. They grow pretty big with some trophies up to 5kg. They are a very good sport when giants are not biting.

Grayling setup include: 4-5 weight single hand rod, floating line. Classic grayling flies, nymphs, dry flies. In my opinion the best method is dry fly fishing for grayling. When fish attack your fly sometimes they jump out of the water completely and it brings me a good portion of satisfaction.


Dinning room made of big tents up to 2.5m high “Maverick COSMO 500”. For guests sleeping tents “Maverick ROVER” and “Eureka K2 XT”, one for 2 persons. Tents installed by guides. In cold periods we use tents with wood stoves. Electricity all around the camp from portable generator. Hot shower daily in the camp. During one of the days we use sauna. For personal use we give each guest water resistant bag and sleeping matres.


Breakfast usually at 8 in the morning. Porridge, eggs, pancakes, cheese, tea, coffee, sweets.

Lunch is usually served by guides on the river bank. Meat selection, vegetables, salads, cheese, fruits etc.

Dinner is served back at the camp. Chef will prepare meat, fish, sea food, salads and fruits.

Satelite – phone and radios are in each boat.

Travel itinerary

1 day. Depart from Moscow and arrival to Khabarovsk airport, transfer to village Briakan by big comfortable bus (700 km, approx. 10-11 hours).

2 day. Arrival to Briakan village in the morning and flight to Tugur river by helicopter MI-8 (1 hour). Arrival to the river, setting up tackles and fishing.

3,4,5,6,7,8 days. fishing

9 day. Departure to Briakan village by helicopter and transfer by bus to Khabarovsk city.

10 day. Arrival to Khabarovsk and overnight in hotel.

11 day. Departure to Moscow


Best time for fishing Taimen is considered 15 June to 15 July and 15 September to 15 October.

Although much depend on weather and state of the river June was always a good month to catch a Taimen when they are still active after river open up from ice and the water level is already not so high. Autumn is perfect time for fishing Taimen. They eat a lot before winter. Second half of September to end of October is prime time.

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