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Chavanga river season 2019 started! May 24 - June 06 report:

Last week of May was a bit of a surprise to us, water level was way to high for this period of time. Locals say that in the end of April there was an usual warm weather that caused all snow in the upper regions to melt very fast, it caused catastrophic water rise in mid May. By the time we arrive on May 24 it was way lower but still a bit too high for comfortable fishing. Water temperature was 3 C. Nevertheless, we started our first week of the season full of optimism!

We proceed to some of the holding pools we usually fish during early season to fish for Autumn run fish (Osenka) and guess what, they were there and in a good mood to play around. First day we had nearly 15 fish for 5 rods.

Next days water kept dropping down and we had more pools shaping up nicely. Water went to 5 C.

In the last days of the week we had much improvement in the conditions. Water temp 7C and level went down another 8 cm.

Overall 56 fish landed between 5 rods. Regarding water conditions results are not so bad! The time has come to an end for our first group and they all looked happy and full of memories! Till the next time!

Our next team arrived on the 1st June. River got into the better shape and all looked promising for a great fishing week.

And it was all true. Water temp went to 8C and it was a great time for first fresh run fish to enter the river. Our team had a great opportunity to fish for both fresh Atlantic salmon and Autumn run fish at the same time Great mix!

We fish lower and middle parts of Chavanga river with great results. A team of 6 landed 86 salmon and few fish were a joy to watch. Most common setup for fishing was floating line with sink 3-5 tips. All sorts of Atlantic salmon flies worked: Cascades, Phatagorvas, Shrimp variations and some Monkeys. Yesterday they celebrated their last fishing day with a good dinner and shots of Vodka.

New team arrived today and lets see what is waiting for us coming!

Thight lines

Stay tuned!

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