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Kamchatka 2019 was world class! River Icha

Short introduction to Kamchatka fishing 2019 on the river Icha, much more to come...

The absolute success of this Kamchatka fishing season is the right strategy and tactics in organization of the fishing itself. A feature of the Kamchatka rivers is a combination of fish abundance with inaccessibility. Many of the best sections of rivers are located at considerable distances from roads and camps, where poaching and fishing pressure does not exist. The Icha River is not subject to such an influence, but here, depending on the season and the state of the water, the best sections are scattered over a vast territory up and down the river. Last season, the material condition and technical support of the camp significantly improved.

It is very pleasant that we managed to train sufficient number of guides who know the river well and correctly use the equipment. Therefore, the territory of the river, on which we can choose the most promising places, has doubled. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for success. First of all, places with a high concentration of big rainbow trout became available for regular fishing. Huge Kamchatka rainbow trout is the most interesting fishing object. Due to the tendency of fish to migrate and to change places depending on the season and the state of water in the river, trout fishing is not easy. Therefore, the selection of effective pools for fishing requires knowledge of the guides and high mobility. We will be publishing in the next weeks all the material about this past crazy season. Big rainbows are coming…

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