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How many salmon in the river?

Fresh run salmon of the Chavanga river.

Notes on salmon fishing. Season 2017

The longer you catch salmon, the more facts accumulate, more experience, but also the questions become more and more.

We try to use a long season on the Kola Peninsula to observe the behavior of the fish, and we also use the experience and results of every angler from our groups. Thus, we try to put together all the facts and opinions of many anglers. It is not simple.

As a rule, the experience and the result of fishing are extremely subjective. The opinion of one angler may not be 100% to coincide with the opinion of the other.

Nevertheless, the result of each fisherman allows you to create a more or less correct overall picture of what is happening on the river. You, too, have the right to be critical of my conclusions, since my reasoning concerns a specific time and a specific river. Although, I hope that the principles and approaches to assessing the situation are quite universal.

The questions asked by anglers are often arranged in this order:

1. The number of salmon in the river

2. Presence of fresh salmon

3. State of water

4. Locations of salmon

5. Effective flies

6. Salmon activity

7. Fishing techniques

8. Tactical methods of fishing and tackle

9. Fly presentation

The first 2 - 3 questions usually have to be answered in the car on the way to the river. The remaining questions appear already on the river, depending on the individual results of the catching. Part of the fishermen quickly turn to the question of the fly. This, in my opinion, is not entirely correct, since an effective fly can only be discussed in connection with all the other factors. If you have the right answers to the 1,2,3,4,6,7,8, and 9 questions, then you can not even remember the fly. Its role is minimal.

This may sound paradoxical. But I will be glad if I can convince you of this.

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